Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ok, what have you done with the butterflies?

For the last couple of years I have taken part in the butterfly count that is usually held around this time of year.
In my bit of the alleyway behind my house I have a Budleia, (butterfly bush,) and I didn't get chance to cut it back in March due to lots of other stuff going on.  So...Bertie the Butterfly bush is huge!  He's covered in wonderful smelling flowers, and not a butterfly in sight.  Only a handful of bees.  I'm loath to cut him back yet, because if the weather gets warmer, as the forecasters claim it will, we could have a later than usual show of butterflies.  There are hardly any bats about either, but this I suppose goes hand in hand with the lack of flying insects.
How about the butterfly situation near where you are? Have you seen many? What about Bats?
Another thing I've noticed is a lack of Swifts, again, they feed on airborne insects.

Quick update.
I have just seen the first butterfly of the summer on Bertie.  The tiniest butterfly I have ever seen. Not sure what sort it was.

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ambermog said...

Our buddleia in front garden is in full bloom and we haven't seen any butterflies there at all. Saw some in the park this morning dancing