Friday, 3 August 2012

Crime doesn't pay...or does it?

I've heard on the radio news that the government are thinking of educating convicted criminals in basic English and Maths, up to GCSE standard, so that they will stand a better chance of employment on leaving prison. 
These are people who have been convicted of a crime, and have already gone through our education system, and presumably failed it for one reason or another.  Yet, the government thinks it would be a good idea to educate the taxpayers expense.  I'm sorry but I see this as a reward.
If you want to take courses that result in an exam after leaving school, you have to pay.  Unless you have low income then you might get the course free.  So what I want to know is...why do the people who don't break the law have to pay if they want to take these courses, whilst law breakers are going to be offered them for free?
I know that basic literacy and numeracy courses are free, but they do not result in a qualification at the end of the course.
I think it can be declared official.  The government of this country has gone barking mad.  Or perhaps crime does pay.  What do you think?

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Brit said...

This is crazy!

Maybe I should go to jail so someone can pay for my University loans :)