Sunday, 29 July 2012

Things we did in the school holidays, part 2

During the early part of the summer holidays, before my family moved to Lancashire we lived in a village  "just" inside the Peak District, and the Pennines were just about all around.  Things grew later than they do here, and usually for the first week of the holidays we would spend time looking for Whimberries.  Unfortunately these were quite tasty and we only ever seemed to find enough...and bring them home to make a "saucer pie".  For the uninitiated, a saucer pie is what you make when the filling is in short supply.  My elder brother always tried to lay claim to the pie.  Not quite sure why, as he rarely came picking with us, and when he did he ate just as many as we did.

I've been asked for the recipe for the pie. It's just standard short crust pastry on a greased saucer, fill with fruit of choice, and then cover with another layer of pastry. Oh, and sweeten fruit to taste.   If I was very lucky Grandma would make a saucer strawberry pie for me on my birthday. :)


Blue said...

Never heard of Whimberries before! Must investigate.

Sea said...

They are similar to blueberries, but much nicer, more concentrated flavour I suppose

Tiffany Jones-Hoy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and some tasty pie. Recipe please :)