Sunday, 10 June 2012

Going to Festival!

This time last week it was all stations go here.
The youngest and his G/f of 5 years were preparing to go to Download with 3 friends.
On Bank Holiday Monday the youngest g/f , (Becki,) set off to come here. Her clutch the time the only thing foremost in Becki, my youngest and their friends minds was....." How do we get there?"
On Thursday, hit me...if the clutch had gone on the motorway...they would not have to be finding alternative ways of getting there......can't say the rest..except the journey was on the busiest motorways at the most busy time!
I am so glad Becki's clutch went  at home on a nice peaceful country lane.....rather than two days later on the way to Download!
Mayhap they might never see how what could have been...I hope not...Edwin is my son...Becki has been with him almost 5 of the friends 11+ so glad Becki's car wimped out two days before. I really could not have coped on top of Dad's death and my soulmate leaving country!

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