Thursday, 7 June 2012

Euro 2012

Love football or hate it, we won't be able to ignore it the next few weeks.
However, I have noticed something when reading several articles about the forthcoming tournament. Every person asked who they think might win has named Spain, Italy, Germany, and even England has been named
Similarly, when these people have been asked who is the player to watch, they have again named "traditional" European players from the western part of Europe.
Are the Eastern Europeans only in to make the numbers up?  Are ALL their players rubbish?  I don't think so for one moment. I am guessing that not that much is known about the teams or the players. After all, Russia has a team in the tournament, and surely they MUST have a pretty good team, with the vast number of Russian citizens to choose from. 
The articles I have read seem to imply it is a forgone conclusion that one of the "usual suspects" will win, but I for one would like to see some decent football played in true sportsman like fashion, and not with players throwing themselves about like people just learning to ice skate.  Let's have some decent football worth watching for a change.

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