Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Has he tried using a mirror?

Apparently Karl Lagerfield  has been "firing broadsides" been "being nasty" "saying not nice things" about Adele, and now he has decided to comment about Pippa, yes, Pippa Middleton, for those who one word isn't enough.  And in that line, I'm sorry....but I have no idea what Adele's other name is.
Anyway, to me, and probably many others Pippa is a beautiful young woman.
Then I decided to do an image search for Karl Lagerfield, and this was the first image.
Does the man have a mirror?  Why hide behind sunglasses? Perhaps he's a vampire, as he appears dressed in the same fashion on most of the images that came up, even in an illustration of him.
To me he looks like an extra on a budget vampire film.  And , yes, I know I'm no oil painting, but I don't go around saying that very pretty young women should only be seen from behind, or perhaps he just has a thing about bottoms?  If that is the case he should make it crystal clear, and not let the media twist what he has to say.
But when all is said and done it is true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions

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Blue said...

Adele's surname is Adkins. :P