Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Read the Bible if you are lonely and bored!

How can reading fairy tales/myths/legends make a person feel less lonely and bored?
Reading any decent story is good for relieving tedium, but despite what all bible thumpers think...the only people who feel better after reading the bible are sheep. Sheep like being told what they should do, how they should feel, how they should react, etc
I am not a sheep
I have had this brought home to me again and again throughout my life.
The people bringing it home to me may not have even realised what they were doing, but they spelt out the message loud and clear to me....that I am NOT a sheep.
I am me...and being me defies me being put into a box and labelled. My life has made me such that I do not fit into recognised "boxes", but I am not bothered by that, because I like being me!
Also...more of what has happened of late has made me feel more "independent" , (perhaps I should say that rather than lonely?) and after the sadness has gone...perhaps it has strengthened me?


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...

Agree with all you say and isn't it good not to be a sheep?

Blue said...

I think you would like my new friend Winter. She's my age and has a bible-thumping mum. She told me yesterday that a friend of her mum's came 'round on Saturday to invite her to Easter Sunday services and specifically stated that "the lord would be there." Her response reminded me of you. LOL She said, "If he's there only once a year, why bother going any other time?"

That's part of the reason I left the church.