Thursday, 12 July 2012

You can't choose your relatives

Lats evening I had a call from one of my aunty's.
We chatted OK about this and that.
Then I mentioned my lovely friend who left two years ago.
She was OK with that...until I mentioned that he was not from the UK.
***Hides head in hands***
I'd completely forgotten her response to one of my cousins marrying a man whose mother was a true West Indian!
The conversation went quite well until I mentioned my very special friend is not from UK, tyhen it was...."Be Careful!" Etc.
The reaction is even more hurtful to me as I have been subject to "racial abuse", despite being from UK.
I can only excuse my Aunty because that is how she was brought up...and has lived in a rare ified "white community " since she married. With her husband a successful banker, and living in the better off places.
However, it seriously upset me to be warned away from the most lovely man I have  met, just because he isn't a UK born person

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