Sunday, 6 March 2011

Car insurance

This doesn't affect me, due to owning beautiful MG ZR, but....I am sure it will hurt many young women in their pockets. The EU court has decided, in their infinite wisdom, that women should not pay less for their car insurance, as it sex descrimination. Last time my insurance was due, and other times in the past...I have checked out "women only" car insurance, and for the older driver, they actually worked out dearer.
One thing I would love to know though, if they are going to be obliged to put premiums up for young women, will they split the difference, and cut young men's car insurance? You half way? Or will the insurance companies just get rich from bumping the young women's insurance up to the same level as the young men's? Is anyone going to be monitoring this at all? Or will insurance companies be boasting huge profits in the near future?
I feel sorry for my daughter, Sam, and Edwin's girlfriend, Becki, as they will both suffer from this. Although Oliver passed his test shortly after he was 17, he has not had his own car to date, as the insurance is prohibitive for him, plus probably higher premiums because he lives in Manchester.
Is the barmy court going to pass a ruling that people living in rural areas should not have lower premiums than those living in urban areas with higher crime rates? I would say these crazy ideas being bandied around lately would be a good enough reason to opt out of the EU, but..unfortunately..the people who make these decisions are all on high wages, and don't think of the lower wage earners when they accept these summary rulings.
Sorry for going on a bit, but sometimes things catch my eye that incense me.

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Michael Gradwell said...

On Look North West they interviewed twins aged 17, one male, one female. She paid £1700 for her insurance while he paid £3400. I felt this was fair because his fringe covered one eye!

I suppose it is like saying you are a bad driver because you are male and you are a good driver because you are female. Stereotyping isn't fair and there must be better ways to get the right assessment for insurance costs.