Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I received a Kindle

Yes!!! For Yule my children....all adults now, clubbed together and bought me a Kindle.
I have always loved reading...from as young as I can remember.
On that tack...I don't recall exactly how old I was..but Mum asked me to keep an eye on the level of the water in the washing machine. All I clearly remember is Mum shouting a me because there was water overflowing and I hadn't told her that the machine was full. Another thing I know clearly is that this incident occurred before I started school! (In the UK....children usually start school at some point in the "school year" they turn 5) I started in the September after my fourth birthday, (July).
However, Oliver had talked through last time he was home ...IF I would welcome a Kindle. I said yes....because...all the classics are free, and when an author releases a HUGE won't be hard to handle on the Kindle.
And I love knowing that I could store reading on a Kindle was a plus.

I did receive other Yule gifts...Music, a book, a Waterstones see a theme here?

And then my fridge died!
Why did my fridge chose 27th December to die?
Summer and Yule/Xmas are the two times of the year you need your fridge to co-operate.....and last night my fridge laid down and went into a hasn't died...the light is still on....but to all intents and purposes...My fridge is dead!
I am blessed with some very good friends who when I asked to borrow their mains cool box loaned me their "spare" fridge, with a no-pressure loan....they would like it back in Late February..plenty of time to shop around for the best buy.

So...although I have had a pretty disappointing closing months of 2011. I do have some really lovely people around me...and hope they will be there to push me, kicking and protesting, into 2012...where I think I should begin my search for that someone special....who wants to be with me.

I did think I had found him.....but a phone call on Xmas Eve...bitter/sweet made me see that my beautiful, strong Eastern European friend was not the one. I'll never forget him, and he will always have a special place in my heart...Tiz a really good job a person's heart can expand to accommodate the love they feel for the special people in their life...otherwise we would have people exploding everywhere...but there again..I am presuming people are as soft hearted as I am

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Rochelle said...

As per your special someone...
I know what you are talking about, have been there myself.
It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all.