Saturday, 24 September 2011

"new" toothpastes, just who are they aimed at?

I know the answer could be fairly obvious. They are aimed at people who wish to maintain dental health.....BUT if you watch the adverts, they really aren't. People who take care of their teeth properly won't have "loose gum seals" or other things that are mentioned. So, who will go out and buy the "latest" toothpaste...quite possibly the people who don't really need it.
Having worked for a dentist in my past, I can say the people with the worst dental problems are those who don't look after their teeth properly. Visiting the dentist at the right intervals will not make a persons teeth in good condition, it is what they do between the visits that will ensure they keep their teeth for a long time.
I was "lucky" enough to assist one of the dentists who was treating a case of "terrible toothache!" And I'll be honest, I don't know which smelt worst, the "patient's" breath, or their clothes, (it was a pig farmer straight from work).
I do, for the record, use a "sensitive" toothpaste, as nothing any dentist can do will stop your gums receeding as you age.

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