Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Pressure phone selling

I'm sure most people are aware of this..
A company will phone you up...9 times out of 10 when you are eating a meal, and claim they are not trying to sell you anything...they might be a company you deal with in one way or another....but then...they try to sell you something.
I know I have a strong accent, but I am fairly sure that "I am happy with my current provider" is pretty clear.
It was my mobile phone company trying to get me to change my home phone and broadband to them. AND.....when I said I was tied into a contract...they offered me a cash incentive to change my provider! :O
After I put the phone down on the the pushy salesman...I thought of another possible scenario....

woman answers phone
"hello....I'm from blokes'r'us"
"What do you want?"
"Are you currently in a relationship?"
"Are you happy with your current relationship?"
"Yes, in fact I have just entered into a lifetime contract"
"Lifetime contract?"
"Yes, we were married two weeks ago"
"Ah, well, we can offer you an up-grade!"
"Yes, we can guarantee any relationship we provide for you will be more romantic, more loving, and will work out much less costly"
"But........I have only been married two weeks. I promised to stay with him until death do us part"
"Well, we can offer a cash incentive to free you from your contract."
"You mean like phone service providers offer?"
"Yes, exactly like that"
"But I've only been married two weeks!"
" that case we can offer you a sizeable sum...because breaking your contract so soon would carry very heavy penalties" what point would you put the phone down..or would you take them up on their offer.
Is loyalty negotiable, and at what point does it become non-negotiable?

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