Thursday, 7 April 2011


I like watching Waterloo Road...fact.
Today I was stood in the office at work...(a school,) and a member of staff walked in with someone...
My first thought...that must be X's brother/relative, (X being a member of staff.)
Then I thought..hey..he looks like the bloke who plays Grantly Budgen on Waterloo Road...but am not a big "celeb" I just finished what I was doing, and carried on with my job.#
Later...I found out he was who I thought he looked like! Duh!
At least with folks like me around "celebs" won't need to worry about attention.

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Just another teen thinking about shizz. said...

I personally don't watch Waterloo Road, but I have friends that do :] And apparently, there's this guy that looks like someone off of Waterloo Road that I walk past on the way to school? :'] Just sharing an anecdote :]