Sunday, 3 July 2011

what a fix!

I haven't watched "From Popstar to Opearstar" for the entire series, but I have spotted that the entire thing is to me a fix.
Take Tonight. Joesph sung a very demanding piece, and from what I saw very well, whilst Joe sang an easy piece. Surprise, surprise....Joe gets through. The Joe in question to my knowledge has had no success as a popstar, since he won whatever "reality" TV show .
No disrespect to him...but...he is young, and he can undoubtedly sing, yet has made no impact on the "pop" world, perhaps opera is where he will find "proper" fame..rather than the dubious fame a "reality" TV show winner experiences?
That's enough of me grumbling....the show is a fix...but it has helped me appreciate opera.

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Blue said...

Those shows are the same over here, but I finally realised, at least with the singing contests, it doesn't matter if they win or not. They still get recording contracts.