Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Wednesday off!

I don't work Wednesday any more! I still work 30 hours, but over 4 days instead of 5.
Today I had mental plans...go into Lancaster, go to Waterstones and Mung Mee. I did this and extra...I also went to Fabrix..initially to enquire about lace for a fascinator...for a colleague, but then I returned after doing my other jobs...candles/books and a visit to Mung Mee.
I had seen some canvas with "Banksy" inspired designs. I bought a metre of both the black/white option and the coloured option. I intend to make messenger type bags for Edwin for his art equipment. I also bought him some drawing pens!

On another thread! Advert on local radio!....A romantic weekend every month ...for two people!".....Duh!!! surely a weekend away every month for a year on your own ain't romantic...unless you are seriously narcissistic.
I just cringe when I hear some adverts these days.

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