Monday, 18 April 2011

Why would anyone do this?

Just a quick question really
Recently there has been an advert on the radio by a company who will "take your rubbish/waste away!"
Why would anyone in their right mind avail themselves of this "service"?
It amounts to paying double for your refuse disposal, as I very much doubt that the local council would reimburse anyone the "refuse collection/disposal" portion of their council tax.
If the service does take off, and find itself blooming it will probably be businesses who use the service, as ...and please correct me if I'm wrong here, they do have to pay an additional tariff to their local councils for their waste collection.
If an ordinary householder uses this service, they are in essence paying twice for the same service, and only getting it once.


Loraine said...

Is this a service that might be used for special situations when one has an over abundance of trash?

Sea said...

possibly, but surely taking the over abundance to the tip would work out cheaper