Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Damn government ....again!

Today has been a day of action by the public sector unions. Although I do work in the public sector, I don't work on Wednesday, so was not on strike.
But I have just turned off Newsnight in disgust. The government minister was on first talking to Paxo..and talked over him when he didn't want to answer a question, or didn't like what Paxo was saying. Then a union rep was on...the bloke did not get the "fair" hearing the government bloke did..cos no-one bound and gagged the government bloke, and every time the union man said something that the government bloke didn't want to hear..he would begin to talk over him..more and more loudly.
Is that any way for an elected member of our government to act? Perhaps it is just me, but his attitude is too much to the fore these days. We have people in positions of power taking the attitude "I can talk louder and longer than I WILL win"
Respect amongst people of equal ages..or standing..roughly..should be earned, and not assumed, just because one of the two has been to public school, and was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, does NOT make them cock of the walk.
As for public sector wages being better than private ones...that I very much doubt. Perhaps the spouting government ministers should try to survive on a high school technician's wage for a few months before they tell us we are on "better than average wages"

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Michael Gradwell said...

There is a nice article on the difficulties in comparing the public and private sector to be found at

I too have noticed the aggressive and rude behaviour of some politicians which will not be helped if childish behaviour is accepted in the House of Commons. John Bercow does a good job, and by the sounds of it he does a better job than Jeremy last night.