Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Limbo land dilema

That is where I am at the moment.....LIMBO LAND
The partner I had and lived with has gone away, over 12 months since...BUT we have been in contact. Both He and I want him to come back to the UK.
I am doing everything I can...but with our current economic state there is not much I can do.
Should I look elsewhere and find a new path? or wait.?
I feel I should wait until I know what is happening....but others say I should look elsewhere. Right waiting. To me when someone says they will return...I take it that they will

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walker531 said...

It must be a difficult position to be in but hopefully, knowing that there is somebody who wants to be with you gives you a feeling of comfort and warmth inside. I would hold on to this, but life must go on and, who knows, if you find somebody else it may help you to see things from a different perspective and let you make a ‘more balanced’ choice at the time, rather than trying to do so amidst so much uncertainty. I hope that things work out well for you.