Saturday, 9 April 2011


Have you ever had sleep evade you, no matter what you do?
We all have coping mechanisms that we employ when we can't sleep. Tonight/this morning, I'm going with one I have never tried before....if you can't something until you feel sleepy again. So far I have been awake for 2 hours. I woke on top of my bed. I had fallen asleep reading. I got into bed, and then found I couldn't settle. Perhaps it's the fact that this week the weather has warmed up considerably. The temperature on the local weather station, that I looked at just before starting to write this said that it is between 9 and 10C. A couple of weeks back that was normal daytime temperature.
I don't mind the warmer weather.....but I do mind the fact I will not be able to wear sandals...AND walk in them...ever again. Ever since my ankle operation I have had to wear insoles in my shoes,and support my ankle, as I have been told it WILL give way again, and next time there is nothing they can do. As soon as the weather started to warm...out would come my sandals, and they would only go away when the frost started to nip at my toes. Now I wear Doc Martens every day, as they are the only thing I have found that will accommodate my insoles. I am so glad that Docs are available in different colours. So..I either wear flowery ones and plain socks..or plain ones with stripey socks. I might have to go all Aussie if this warm weather continues..and wear boots with shorts...who knows?

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