Friday, 12 August 2011

I've never seen a volcano erupt....up close!

One of the Manchester rioters is quoted as answering "I've never seen a riot before!". I suppose we should excuse him because of his youth..only 12 years old, but as my post title says, I've never seen a volcano erupt...up close, or a tsunami, or an earthquake..or for that matter been involved in a war.
BUT!!!! I do not need to experience them to know that they would more than likely not be kind to me.
Perhaps the problem is with the dictionary definition of the word riot. I looked, and the first definition is the obvious one. "wild disturbance by a crowd of people", there is a second one, which is sometimes used to describe the humour/hilarity in a situation. An amusing person can be riotous, but I would guess the "rioters" are not sufficiently educated to know this second meaning...or let's face it, they wouldn't want to find out which meaning of the word riot is being used.
As fort other things i haven't seen/done/had.....well I haven't heard of the black death just around the corner, but if it was...I wouldn't go to investigate.
I'm sure you can add to my list of things you haven't seen/heard of/ done /had...but would know to keep away from them if they were happening just around the corner.
(Adding one thought..when the mother of the said child left court with him...instead of answering the reporters when they asked her why she didn't know where her son had been...she swore at them! To me that says a lot.)

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