Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I "want stuff!"

This story caught my eye and I was immediately caught!
I have children, albeit that my youngest is now 18 and a half. But I also work in a school, and see the effects of the "I want that!" culture every day. Bearing in mind I live where I do, the culture is to look "up-to-date" which I interpret as chavvy!..The latest thing for girls around here is to wear a quilted shiny jacket...BUT!!!!! it has to have I "heart" PB on it....The wearers of these jackets might not know that the jackets are normally worn by "equestrians"....(do I hear a swift search for the dictionary?) The true stars of tomorrow will not follow the crowd, and the sheep of today will be performing menial jobs, if any!

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A party and A HALF said...

Interesting. I had to google "I heart PB" just to know what it was- Pauls boutique. No one in Hawaii wears jackets so I guess I haven't seen the trend because of the warm weather?