Monday, 8 August 2011

Riots! :(

There have been riots, and they are still going on. Mostly in London, but today they have spread to one area of Birmingham.
I just watched the late night news, and they had several "figureheads" debating about the causes, and if they were like the riots of the 80s.
Well, when I heard about the riots on Saturday, I think that was when the first one was, may have been Friday. I had a sinking feeling, thinking that the economic climate and the time of year were the same, also the job market was in a similar position.
They talk about local government cuts being the cause....they might be right? who knows? But what they don't look into, and probably daren't, is a where are they now type look at the rioters of the 80s.
My job is local government, but they don't say anything about our wages having been frozen for over two years. The place I work at has had to make a huge saving this year, some has been scrapped together by people taking voluntary redundancy, but they have not ruled out...YET...the need for forced redundancies. I will say the place I work says goodbye to workers with many years under their belt to replace them with young, newly qualified workers, generally female.
It is never mentioned that we are going to have to work longer years until we are eligible for retirement. This I find annoying. And why can't the government see that by keeping local government employees in their jobs for a couple of extra years, there are no jobs being freed up for the general public. Young adults leave school/college with no idea what direction they will go in, as jobs are so scarce on the ground. (OK, whatever they pay the young people to not work possibly costs less that letting the older people retire at the age they expected to when they started their working lives.)
It is possible that the rioters of the 80s are now in local government jobs and are completely behind the rioters of today. But joking aside, I really don't think keeping local government employees in work for longer is the way to go.
When I was at school, we were told women work until they are 60, men 65. I will not receive my local government pension until I am 67, or is it 68? Does it really make sense to keep older people in work, considering as people get older they usually develop an age related illness?
There is no easy answer to this problem, but blaming the rioters of today, because they feel they aren't getting what they have been told they will get is not the answer. And considering if they keep the dwindling number of local government workers, that includes, besides your council, anyone who works in a hospital, fire station, police station, school, courts, their jobs..perhaps they should keep children in education until they are 18? 21? 25?...any advance on 25?
I'll sign off now...I have probably posed more questions than possible solutions, which just proves that there is no easy answer. the way...when I first heard about the rioting this weekend I felt a sinking feeling in my heart...but you have to watch the news about it...just like you have to pick the scab off a sore...It doesn't make you feel comfortable, but you have to see what is going on.

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