Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Heading for another recession? RUBBISH!

They keep saying this on the news!
In many areas we never came out of the previous recession, therefore we can not go back into something we have not come out of.
Certainly in this area there has not been any signs of coming out of the previous recession.
So! news announcers, can you please take off your blinkers and look at the bigger picture...and all the bits you usually ignore around the edges before you make such sweeping statements?
By announcing the likelihood of "another" recession....or "double-dip" you are implying there have been better times in the interim. For the people on high wages this might actually be true, however for your average UK worker this is not true.
Just keep your mouths shut...haven't you heard the sayings? "No news is good news!" and "empty crates make the most noise".
In other words, if you don't have anything positive to say, why not just keep quiet instead of making meaningless noise which can cause people to worry?

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nick armbrister said...

indeed... we're still in the 1st recession that i think will last a decade. my life aint come out of the 1st recession yet, nor has millions of others. lack of jobs, cutbacks etc. worse before better i do think.