Friday, 2 September 2011

Come dine with me?

No, not the TV programme.
I lifted this question from a friend's blog.
Assemble your dream dinner guest list. Think of all the famous, or infamous, people living or dead, and pick 6 to share a fine meal with. Who do you pick? Why? What do you expect to happen?

1. Alice Nutter (One of the "Lancashire Witches")
2. Nell Gwynne (Chelsea Pensioners were founded in her memory)
3. My Grandad Sharp
4. Tom Holt (The novelist)
5. Lewis Carol (Author of Alice in Wonderland)
6. Nimue. (I think that is how her name is spelt, from Arthurian Legend)

Grandad is easy, I was only 5 when he died, and would have loved to have spent time with him, at 5 you are still a very young child, and I think he'd like the company. I think Lewis Carol and Tom Holt would soon find common ground. Nimue was supposed to be the downfall and at the same time apprentice to Merlin, Alice Nutter was found guilty of Witchcraft, but as ideas have changed, she might have been guilty of nothing less than being a strong Catholic in times when the country was being brought by force almost to the Protestant beliefs. And I'm sure Nell Gwynne would liven up the evening. All I've ever read about her shows her to be an open hearted loving person. Perhaps Tom Holt would inspired to write about the meal.
Oh! and if you read one of my previous posts, Alice Nutter might have been an ancestor.
Oh, and if it had to be filmed, could Dave Lamb please commentate?

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Anonymous said...

1. My Grandfather
2. My Grandmother
3. Thomas Edison
4. John F. Kennedy
5. Buddha
6. Dale Carnegie

Nice post and here are my lists.

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