Thursday, 1 December 2011

Perhaps I don't like him so much now

Jeremy Clarkson made some unforgivable remarks about public sector workers.
He's roughly the same age as I am...but I would hazard a guess that if he wished to retire tomorrow he would have ample funds to do so.
Meanwhile, due to the "chancellor's" thing on Tuesday, I now have to work until I am 68 until I can draw my pension, and then it is only projected to be around £4000/annum. Gilt-Edged? only if you can live off a £1/week..maybe £2 occasionally. After paying utilities bills, and buying food, there will be no money left for luxuries.
As I said in a previous post, my wage was frozen over two years ago. I am currently weighing up my options as to my car. The insurance is due in early February...My wage was frozen, but prices of food, etc were much so I touched on...I am wondering if I can afford to keep my current car, as the insurance is something else that has not been frozen.
I bet Jeremy Clarkson doesn't have to think twice about keeping his current car...or "downgrading" in order to afford the insurance, and consequently keeping his car...or maybe cars, on the road.
I wish people on high wages would think, then think again, and maybe think a third time before opening their mouths on subjects they know little about.

P.S I did e-mail the Top Gear team when they kept classing cars as women's cars..offering to drive the cars for them..I didn't even get a jokey reply!


Michael Gradwell said...

My blog on the same subject on the same day concluded that we should accept the joke or ignore him. I prefer the ignoring option so how did we both end up writing about him? How does he get so much attention?

Perhaps you don't like him so much now but I can't say that I ever liked him.

Sea said...

Perhaps his funds are drying up and he needs to make controvesial comments to bring himself back into the public eye. If that is what fame does for you....I'm glad I work for local authority on peanuts for wages. He's the same age as me, and looks haggard.