Sunday, 15 July 2007

St Swithin's Day

It's St Swithin's Day today. Started off warm and sunny here, as the day rolled on, the weather cooled. Then we got rain. I can usually tell when we are going to have rain, and I was expecting it between 3 and 4 was around then. I'm not a meteorologist, but am very interested in the weather.
One of my favourite websites is TORRO. This is the UK website for tornadoes, and other adverse weather. They have a wonderful notice that they post when there is no adverse weather expected. It says, " No organised thunderstorms are expected", (or very similar wording.) I wish I could could have that job. It would be great, you'd be at a party and someone would ask you what you do for work, and you'd say "I'm the thunderstorm organiser." Cos there would only be one...there'd have to be! Yes, I do love thunderstorms.
Back to what I started writing about, today where I live, we've had a bit of everything, sun, wind, pretty equal measure. To be honest, I don't think the weather will warm up significantly until about the second week in August. I think in this part of the UK an Indian summer is on the cards. (One last thought, are we still allowed to call them Indian Summer's, or do we have to call them something else..more PC? The world has gone PC mad!)


Sinclair said...

Rained here yesterday and it's already raining this morning. Think we're going to have the 40 days of rain. LOL

Sea said...

It doesn't have to rain ALL day!