Friday, 13 July 2007

No Baking!

The raffle......that I was making all the cakes for, was drawn first thing this morning. After distributing cakes...I started working. And I don't think I stopped all day...but different stuff all day. That is what I really love about my job, it is very rarely the same thing two days running.
There's a Motorsport club in the school, and only a limited number of pupils are allowed to join...(strictly limited!) I thought this harsh at first, until I saw the resistant materials room with 6 "soapboxes" in it. They are entering a "soapbox" race on Sunday.
One of them, one of the Geography teachers is in the team, and she has put curtains, an air freshner, has to be seen to be believed. I am very tempted to go up on Sunday to watch. All members of the teams have to "pilot" their soapbox through the course. I really hope they get some photos. There is a screen in the main corridor at school, and pictures of the latest "event" are usually shown. Must remember to look on Monday.
Also, there is an end of term staff "do" tonight...with a "cruise" on there will definitely be pictures on Monday.

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