Monday, 16 July 2007


I don't know if I mentioned the Motorsport Club at school. This weekend they entered a soapbox race. Six teams had spent the past few weeks building their soapboxes.
Yesterday they went to the venue, with all six soapboxes. Three pupil built ones, and three staff built ones. There were two classes, rope steered and steering wheel steered ones. The ones from school were all rope steered ones.
Each member of the team was SUPPOSED to drive the soapbox down the course. One of my bosses won the rope steered class. Another staff built soapbox collapsed, the year 10s turned their's over, but just got back in and continued. But there were photos of the competition..teams that had been taking place for years..with soapboxes that looked more like buggatis.

There were several lots of photos flying around amonst the staff today, as it had been the cruise on Windemere on Friday evening. I think a fun evening was had by all despite the weather.

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Sinclair said...

So there really are still soapbox races? Amazing!