Saturday, 14 July 2007


Perhaps I should save my Saturday blogs for the antics of the neighbours...
We have two Eastern European families in our little street.
At weekends there is always something of note happening.
Today, the one's at the top on my side of the street, (there are only 11 houses fit to live in..and only 9 have peeps in them at the mo.) They had visitors...there is a family in the top house, with 4 daughters..the visitors have 2 or 3 daughters..and ALL the kids were having races up and down the street. Then they took some rhododendron flowers from a bush..and decorated their car with them. These girls are in a foreign country, but laughing and enjoying themselves..and all playing together, just like my Mum said kids did when she was young.
The wife of one of the other East European families..across from me looks like she is expecting. That house..most of the men in it have left their wives back "home", and visit regular. They are all very pleasant.
(I hate the fact that one lot of neighbours is so..anti anyone who is not English)

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