Thursday, 12 July 2007

Raffle Cakes

I do other things besides bake. It just seems that this week, it is all I have done.
Tonight's task, after work was to bake cakes for a cake raffle I am holding at work.
The proceeds are going to a local hosiptal ward where they treat terminally ill patients.
A pupil at the school died there in late May, and his Mum is on the staff at the school. The lad dearly wanted to have a bath rather than a shower, so the money raised will...with a lot of luck buy a bath lift.
I had told myself that if there was little interest there would only be one cake, today I've had a rush on tickets, so there will be more than one cake being raffled in the morning.
One person has bought £5 worth of tickets...I think he would really want to win a cake..I could bake him one for less than that! But, as the money is going to a good cause....most people when asked directly...have put their hand in their pocket.

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