Sunday, 8 July 2007

Busy weekend

Usually..of a kids go to their Dad's. Sam is now she doesn't go any more. And the younger two? Well Oliver, the middle one is litter picking at T in the park this is his first physical he has been working really hard to get his A levels that he can get the place he wants at Manchester Uni to study Physics. I am so proud of him...he has worked without me ever having had to tell him.
So as you can imagine..this weekend is a departure from the norm in Oliver's books..but he's into the sort of music that is going I think he'll enjoy himself.
He's due back late tomorrow..or early Tuesday
And..I mustn't forget my youngest...he's got a gf...he went to meet her in the city on Saturday...was back in plenty of time to go to his Dad's..but didn't want to go.

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