Monday, 9 July 2007

Queen of Tarts!

Today has been hectic at work. (I have several people I am answerable to, the printroom senior technician, the food teacher, the textiles teacher....these I am immediately answerable to...there are others as well...but today...I was needed in several places at once.)
The food teacher had 4 practical sessions, and three out of four were making pastry. :)
Year 7s , Jam Tarts, Year 8s pies or jam tarts, then for a change Y9s made chocolate chip cookies, then Y7 again, different group..more jam tarts. So whilst I had my sandwiches, I got the publicity technician to design a poster for the food room door. He put the teacher's name, and then put Jam Tart factory...with this super blobby thing behind the writing. She wondered why all the kids were coming into class laughing, so looked at the door. She started laughing as well...and she has a very infectious laugh. When she stopped ...she said I should have got him to make it say "Queen of Tarts ,Jam Tart Factory"
The textile teacher needed me to help her sew up juggling bags....after they had put their dried pea fillings in. (Not quite as hectic..but when both classes are running meant I was busy. Don't mind that in the least!)
On Wednesday...a special needs group is making pastry, one of the group has asked me personally to assist him, (he does have a TA, but doesn't like her.) The food teacher suggested I bring some ingredients of my own and join in..working with him...and she suggested that I make a that would really fox them.
More on pastry on Wednesday.

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Sinclair said...

Oh now I want to visit the Food Class too!! Maybe I can learn how to cook something clever like tarts.