Wednesday, 11 July 2007

MORE pastry!

I said we'd be doing more pastry today, well, we did.
It was the special needs group's turn to make pastry. One of them asked me to help him, as he gets flustered, and he doesn't actually like the teaching assistant who is supposed to work with him.
Anyway, "The Queen of Tarts" suggested that I make something as well. So while the lad made his pie, I made a quiche. He was amazed at how quickly I rolled out my pastry, but....years of practise. Our baking was in the oven and we'd washed up...he kept saying...we're a good team us Miss. :)
Then the entertainment....oh dear! The group have several kids in it with "anger management problems"...and that is putting it mildly. One of the others kept calling the boy I was helping ..."gay" (They are special needs in more than one respect...and not that creative with their insults.)
Another kid was having trouble with their pastry..and so was another. One who had "forgotten" his ingredients made it his business to wind as many others in the class up as possible. As "The Queen of Tarts" was writing out a detention slip as his language and behaviour had just gone steadily downhill...and another kid flew round the table at the kid getting the detention slip, and kicked him! The first kid turns round and throws a punch, and a fight started. The other kids were surprised/annoyed, they like cookery.
While the class teacher took the kid who got punched to the nurse. (It's no accident that the nurse's room is close by all the DT rooms and within easy access of the sports hall.) I sat down with a couple of kids and we just started talking about what we'd been making, and then I was asked if I knew the "doctor" one of them has to see...(I do...but not in his professional he is a clinical psychologist!) The kid was impressed....but I've known the bloke for years..knew he worked at the hospital...but not in what capacity..until he signed my passport application.
I know the lesson sounds "eventful", but it is par for the course with that group.

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