Monday, 31 August 2009

Hunting! or things about me [part 7]

A couple of days ago I was talking to Mum on the phone. I don't know how the subject came up, but we got around to books. We both read a lot, so not really surprising. Anyway, Mum mentioned that she wanted to find some books for her twin sister, that Aunty keeps talking about. Apparently my Aunty S had lent them to grandma and when grandma died they found out she had lent them on to someone else. My Aunty S particularly likes the series of books in question, and Mum wanted to know if they were still available. Mum and Dad don't have a PC, or want one, but she knew I'd be able to find out for her.
That was Friday evening, early. Within the hour I rang back to tell her the books are out of print, so charity shops and amazon are the best bet. Mum wasn't sure of the title, but when Mum said the author I was fairly sure which trilogy Aunty meant....I looked for these and found that the author had published around 15 books. I did find all three titles, that I thought were wanted on Amazon....and the next day found one on the market secondhand book stall. Yesterday Mum confirmed that the books were the ones I thought, as Aunty's daughters had been to see her. Apparently Uncle M, her husband, was looking for them as well. The elder daughter S called in again yesterday and Mum mentioned she'd asked me to look for them, and could she let her know if Uncle M found them. Mum told cousin S that they were out of print, and my cousin said, "well Dad won't find them then, cos he won't look that hard!"
Today I walked the dogs down to a huge secondhand book shop on the prom. He didn't have them in, but he knew what I was looking for and said he gets them in quite often. On the way back I called in at the market to see if they had any of the three titles. They had one volume, and three copies of it, so I picked the best one. One down, two to go. I know I'll track them down before Mum and Aunty S's birthdays in late October.
The books are Maisie Mosco's Almond and Raisin trilogy,and I have the third book now, so just the other two to track down, and as Morecambe has lots of charity shops and the huge second hand bookshop I'm sure I'll find them in time. Mum knew that I'd enjoy hunting them down, that is why she asked me, and she lives near a small town that doesn't really have any charity shops.

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Blue said...

You're so good at finding things like that.