Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Tiring Tuesday

Today...I took Oliver across to Leeds for the Leeds Festival, and returned.
Then I shopped on the way back.
Now am relaxing.
The trip was less than 180 miles around, but due to the location, to go on the motorway would have been a much longer, and more boring trip. So...I went via Skipton and the A roads. We arrived just about 1 pm. I set off back around 2 pm...and returned home via Asda..buying pizza for tea..good job, as no-one had even thought of tea despite there being food in the fridge.

Now I am unwinding with a glass of wine.

I am not going to pick Oliver up from Leeds, I'll pick him up from Lancaster train station...if I have to...although there are trains straight through to Morecambe from Leeds....just Bramham Park...where the festival is held..is east of Leeds. [He'll be OK to get a lift to the station.]

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