Friday, 28 August 2009

Mint condition! or Things about me [part 6]

That is how someone described me yesterday, they did mean that I was looking well, as they knew I have been poorly, as regular readers will know. If you are a regular reader you will also know I have a daft sense of humour that is liable to go off at tangents. And my mind did straight after being told I looked in "Mint Condition" , and asked, "do you mean round, a bit white-ish with a hole straight through my middle, or white and crumbly?" After all there are many different kinds of mints. Then my mind started it's whirring, and I started to think of the origin of the saying, which is more than likely to mean condition of coins when they are first "minted", and I know I'm far from that, but it entertained me thinking of all the different types of sweetie mint condition a person could be in.
Again, it's a good job the person who said it to me has come to know I have a daft sense of humour. I got told to learn to take compliments when they are given, instead of joking about them. Don't often get compliments, and that is why I joke about them.

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