Monday, 24 August 2009


I know I've titled blog-posts why before, but it is a question that constant puzzles me.

The why today is......

Why do people buy cheap cars, then spend a small fortune on them? Well...not so much that as, add body parts etc, so you can't actually tell what sort of car is underneath all the extra bits? These cars always have a really annoying sound system that plays music that sounds as if the car is falling apart as well.

I have seen some horrors around here.

One was a Renault Clio with so many extra body parts it really was difficult to guess what the car originally was.

I have also seen a Jaguar painted metallic purple, with green skirts and spoilers......why?

For heaven's sake...if you can afford a Jaguar, and can afford to run it, why do that? There are tasteful custom made bits that can be added. Or just save your money up and buy a better car.

It also annoys me when they put noisy exhausts on. All they do is make more noise, and the car burns more fuel. It doesn't make the car any more powerful.

One I saw last week made me want to cry though...I saw a yellow MGZR with mudflaps, but they were just yellow plastic....why? MG parts are still available, and surely they do co-ordinated mudflaps.

I'm not against all attempts at making your car look different though, as the picture shows. It's Sam's car, Milly, she put the patches of black vinyl on it before going to Download last year, needless to say she didn't lose where she had parked it. It also has a horn that moos, alongside the standard one. You'd have to meet her to know it is totally in keeping, makes her car individual, not an attempt to soup it up in anyway. And it only cost her about £20 for the vinyl, and a lot of patience. [That sort of customising is good, as it makes cars individual. Like tribal markings some people have on their cars, but it would be better if they actually knew what they meant.]


Blue said...

I love Milly. I want to take her home with me.

Michael Gradwell said...

I am too lazy to personalise my car, but number plates may be useful if they are not too rare and expensive. They add a personal touch and they also hide the age of the car. You no longer need to change the car just because you think others think it is too old.

Sea said...

I'd love a personal number plate for my car, but any I'm interested in are worth much more than my car. So I'll stick with the original one.

Chatters said...

This post made me laugh. Love it. I feel the same, I'm always saying why. Like why do people wear those UGG boots in the summer, why are they in this season, As my friend says I bet they stink and are full of germs inside.Yuck