Friday, 28 August 2009

GCSE results day

Yesterday Edwin and Becki got their GCSE results. They both did really well, gaining the grades they required to continue along their chosen education paths. After collecting and checking their results at school, they then went to sign onto their 6th form options.
Becki is studying Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Music and General Studies, Edwin is studying Art, Geography, Media and General Studies.
Josh also got the grades he needed for the courses he wanted to do and Fluffy got the results she needed in the ones she wants to study, but did have a couple of disappointing results, but she's been having problems with going to school, she's signed up for the subjects she wants to do at our 6th form, and I am sure there will be a marked change in her attendance, as I know she wasn't comfortable at her other school.
Becki, Edwin and Josh had a celebration here last night, Becki's Mum is taking Becki and Edwin out for their tea tonight to celebrate.

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