Friday, 14 August 2009

Random stuff

Yesterday I walked the dogs down to the market, on the way back I stopped to talk to the owner of one of the hotels. Whilst we were talking a man walked past me, but not very fast. When I carried on walking home I caught up with him. As I was walking behind him I noticed he was carrying two handheld steam cleaners, these were identical. [Now if you are a regular reader of my blog, you will know my mind has a tendency to fly off at tangents, so I just had to ask this man a question.]
When I drew level with him I asked,
"Is one of those for a present, or are they your chosen weapons?"
Luckily the man was on a similar wavelength. [As Samantha said when I told her...anyone who thinks a steam cleaner is a good birthday present is probably as daft as I am......No! I wasn't offended by that comment.]
He confirmed one was a present, and not his weapon of choice, for an impending duel.
Drat, wouldn't have minded seeing a duel with steam cleaners....I'd love to see the other person's face when he turned up with a "matched pair" of duelling steam cleaners.
Now my brain is off again, and I am thinking perhaps I should look up duelling etiquette. At least it would be a clean fight.

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Blue said...

*groans* "At least it would be a clean fight." LMAO