Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Sandcastle weekend

I'm terribly sorry....I did say I would take photos, and post them here.
The Sandcastle competition/festival is usually Sunday only and held on the beach beside the Midland Hotel.
This year it had been extended to cover the whole weekend.
So....on Saturday I walked down the prom looking for signs of activity...it was pretty dull and windy. I walked straight past the beach beside the Midland seeing nothing AT ALL....I walked further on, just past the Dome I saw a sign...."Sand sculptors"....and there they were..above the "imported" beach but only three rather than the advertised four!.
Despite the rain the sculptors were at work, nothing else in evidence anywhere.
Sunday, I walked down to the beach....where the competition was supposed to be taking place....There was no sign, nothing!
Then I get a copy of the free newspaper, the competition took place on the central beach.......behind the Eric Morecambe statue!
Why did the organising body not see fit to put posters up at the Midland Beach to this effect?
Just another shortfall of the local CITY council for our TOWN!

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