Wednesday, 2 September 2009


One of the things that has happened since I found out I have heart trouble bothers me quite a bit.
Yesterday was very busy, drove to Galgate , boys had their hair cut, and I had my legs waxed, then we called at Asda and did the weekly shop , then called at Matalan for clothes for Edwin for 6th form. I dried some washing, made tea, then after tea Oliver and I walked down to the swimming pool, swum 1/2 a mile, then walked back again.
So....yesterday was very busy, and today I am very tired. I intended going into Lancaster, but as it's 1.15pm and I haven't had my dinner yet....don't think I'll be there today.
I don't have the energy I used to have, and if I have a busy day, I generally end up taking it very easy the next day. I thought this would change when the doctor found a blood pressure pill that suits me, but it doesn't seem to. I might mention it to him when I see him next week.

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