Saturday, 8 November 2008

Freecycle wonders!

This is a real 18 feet long twin keel sailing boat on a road trailer.The boat is structurally sound but needs some tidying up work. Thetrailer has a broken wheel bearing and will need some attention beforethe boat can be moved, or the trailer and boat could be low loaded.The boat was fully re-rigged about four years ago and had a newmainsail and then has been sailed only for a few months. It has asmall auxilliary outboard engine sufficient to push ot along. It hassat on our drive for three years without attention. It is untidy butwhilst it may need consderable elbow grease it shouldn't need muchmoney spending on it.The boat is twin keeled and pretty much uncapsizeable so is ideal forpeople new to sailing or a for a family. It's four berth so you canovernight on it. We sailed it on Ullswater and it was superb.I need to move this boat quickly which is why I'm putting it onfreecycle rather than to selling it.My strong preference is for this boat to go to a family who will enjoyit or perhaps a youth group of some sort so I reserve the right toconsider all expressions of interest before parting with it, but itmust go.I have to get rid of this boat quickly i.e. within the next two weeksso please is express your interest only if you are sure that you canarrange to collect it within that time period.Pictures available on receipt of an email address.
I know, the things you find on freecycle. The above was posted on my local freecycle. If I could sail I would be quite tempted by that!

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