Saturday, 15 November 2008


I finished the earflap hat I was making. I did have to pull it back twice as I got the increases in the wrong place, the first time, the second time I lost track of where I was. My son's gf looked aghast as I just pulled it off the needles and pulled it back. I just had enough yarn to finish it, but there was none spare for pompoms and ties.

However, although I am satisfied with the result, I couldn't see myself wearing it, ever, I'd have different colours. So I put it in the staffroom at work with a note saying if anyone wanted it, they could have it, just give a donation to Children in Need.

Before I did this Sam tried it on, she loved it, but would like a black one. Today I went to the market, bought a huge ball of black wool and a circular needle. Am sure have the correct size in my workbox, but the this moment in time my workbox is buried under a pile of things. And once I knit one black earflap hat, I'm sure that there will be more requests and the black wool will soon disappear.

I also managed to put quite a few more stitches in the remaining birth sampler I have been cross stitching for work colleagues. This last one is taking some time; as it is mother and baby giraffe and the colours are very close. The effect is worth the effort though.

The other thing I have started to do this week is sort out seasonal presents. With only Oliver to sort something major out for now, and my youngest niece. I no longer buy anything for my other nieces and nephews as they are all over 21.

While I was at the market I found three prefect Xmas cards for Mum and Dad, and a couple of good friends. All three are humourous, and although they were expensive, I am sure they will be appreciated.

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Blue said...

India crocheted the whole time we were away. In the car, mostly, but at the hotel too. I marveled as she'd just pull out something she'd done only to redo it again.