Wednesday, 12 November 2008


I have been reading Chronic Knitting Syndrome blog, and am afraid it must have infected me. It's ages since I knitted seriously. In fact I stopped trying to knit anything much around the time my youngest became mobile. He used to play with the wool like a cartoon cat. It drove me up the wall and I started doing cross stitch instead. Since my divorce I don't always find time to do the things I want to do; as at first looking after three children, doing up a house, taking a degree occupied most of the time.
However two things prompted me to tackle what I am knitting right now; one was buying a hat with earflaps for my youngest's girlfriend, and the other was I found this wonderful wool that is just begging to be made up into something. So I looked for a hat with earflaps pattern, eventually found one, but it is knitted on double pointed needles in the round. So I have had to transcribe the pattern in my head so it can be done on two needles. ( I do have double pointed needles, and circular ones, but I can't get at them right now.) As the hat is knitted from the crown downwards the first few rows are difficult, but I'm sure once I have got the required number of stitches, the stiffness will ease. I promise to post a photo of the finished hat.

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