Saturday, 15 November 2008

And for this Saturday's entertainment

No, it isn't really entertainment, but there's a fire engine just turned up, obviously not an emergency as they didn't have sirens going, but do have flashing lights going. Four firemen jumped out with breathing apparatus. There is a distinct smell of something burning, but I have no idea what, it isn't a car though as I just went out to have a quick look.
Five to ten minutes later the fire engine is on it's way. I presume they went to the houses that have are being done up in the street and are vacant.
If I find out what was the reason for the visit I will post.
Mind you it's still early here; time for more upsets later on. I hope not as I have been sleeping badly, and Tuesday/Wednesday's disturbance robbed me of quite a few hours sleep


Blue said...

Maybe gas leak?

Sea said...

Never found out what the fire engine was here for, but the firemen did go up to the two houses that have just been renovated, so maybe you were right.