Saturday, 8 November 2008


I dislike fireworks. Have done since I was about 8 years old, when some prat threw a banger at me.

Where do they get their money?
Fireworks going off since 4pm tonight.
Each one seems louder that the last,
Each successive ones giving me a fright.
It’s been going on for over a week.
In the car park behind Coach Mews
A firework spark set the whole box alight.
They didn’t panic they knew what to do.
Shoved a mattress on top of it.
Well, wouldn’t you?
Everyone has one just lying around.
I pray that their money will run out,
lighting fireworks is all their life is about.
Perhaps tomorrow there will be none.
Then Spark can have the late walk,
He longs to go on.
It’s not him they scare,
He’s as brave as can be.
It’s not him they scare.
The scared one is me.

I wrote that poem back in 2002. Where I live now, there are more idiots around with more money than sense, and fireworks seem to start in mid October, and go on until mid November.

I'll be honest, I am amazed that the general public are allowed to buy fireworks these days. Long gone are the genteel fireworks of my childhood. Now it seems bigger and louder are better. What also amazes me is as the fireworks get bigger no-one seems to have anticipated the potential "terrorist" mischief that could be caused. After all, anyone can go into a firework shop, and providing they are over 18, they can buy fireworks. And these days you can buy huge rockets, and batteries! Perhaps I am being a scaredy cat, but what would happen if several of these were bought, and set off in an enclosed space, for example, a shopping centre? The chaos that would cause shouldn't happen. I wish our government would make fireworks only available to people with licenses to put on public displays...after all we are talking about gunpowder in the hands of people who are unaware of the potential.

for further information about UK "Bonfire Night" and Guy Fawkes

and here am I wondering if I should approach my local MP about the sale of fireworks? It really depends on where she spent the or Westminster. If she spent it here, she will know why I am concerned. The firework code does say that fireworks should not be let off within 20, (or is it 30ft,) of a public highway? That is blatantly disregarded here. some even being let off in the middle of the public highway!!!!.
For the past week, and more, I have not taken my dogs out after dark! What happened to Bonfire Night being just one it lasts around a month!

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