Saturday, 18 October 2008

Frozen in time

Nope , I haven't just found a story about a mammoth found in ice somewhere.

It's just how I feel in myself right at this moment.
A few months back, everything looked great, and seemed to be going right for me, and then bang, it all stopped.
Since then I feel like I'm in a bubble, or frozen in time. As I watch everyone else carry on with their lives, and mine is in suspension.
I suppose sooner or later my life will carry on, but I dunno, of course it will, but after everything going so well, I feel shell-shocked.
At times like this I just want to escape away somewhere, would love to disappear to Skye, or Mull for a while.
I even think I should probably move up there, and just be me. With no one else in my life. Perhaps I might do one day. Who knows?

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Blue said...

I know exactly how you feel. 2006 was a lot like that for me. Everything was going along fabulously. Hadn't a care in the world until my perfect world came crashing down around me. There's nothing I can say about how to fix things except to say I'm here for you as you've been for me.