Saturday, 8 November 2008


First, I would like to apologise for the run together words and typos in the previous post/ad. That is as it appeared on Freecycle, so typos were not my doing.

Second apology is from me, my PC was very poorly and I didn't have access to my own machine for over a week. I was very lucky and got it fixed, and tomorrow I am baking a cake for the person who fixed it for me. Bartering is alive and well in North Lancashire.

I suppose I should start to think about seasonal pressies and buying them. Last weekend I picked up a beautiful china cup and coaster which will be part of Mum's present. It has Goldfinches on it, she has them visit her garden regularly.

I have just looked and the USA Goldfinch looks more like our Greenfinch. Not being biased, but ours is much prettier
This mug I bought was one for £3.99 or two for £5, so I got two, the second on has the European Barn Owl on it, or in USA "speak" a screech owl. Think I might keep that one for myself.

Not sure what I will be getting for seasonal pressies for people. I have "Old Bean's" sorted, but that is probably the only one, and I had better sort out posting it soon.
On Monday I posted a piece of cheese to Old Bean. It cost more to post than the cheese cost!
Why can't someone over there get their act together, and import the various British cheeses? Anyway, as I told Old's the most expensive piece of cheese she will ever eat, hope she enjoys it.

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