Monday, 24 November 2008

It wasn't my fault!

Nearly every workplace has a fire drill every so often, just to check if "the system" for evacuating the building/s works. But....when do they do these drills?
Well, I work in a school, so when do you think they are carried out? At the change of lessons, or just before/during/after? No, they are usually when a lesson is halfway through,and the teacher is half expecting it, so they don't particularly engage the children's attention.
So what happens when it is for real? Like today, well the evacuation works reasonably well, but.....why when the pupils had been told to go to the junior block dining room for their inners, did the insist on trying to go back into the main block where the fire had been? After 35 minutes the all clear was given.
What had been the cause of the smelly electrical type fire? A faulty light fitting. I had switched the light on it the store, and left it on. [It is normally left on] And that is here the fire was, it was the light I switched on. I suppose it was very lucky as the server for the computers in that part of the school is in that room, and it was unharmed.
It wasn't my fault...the light is needed in that room and generally left on.

Oh and it made the local newspaper, must have been a slow news day.

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Blue said...

Okay you never told me it hit the local paper!!