Friday, 19 June 2009


Had a very busy day today, sorting things out for the kids. Off to Glastonbury, then Europe, in one case, final exam then Scotland for a month, another, the other..."Muuuuuuum! can you take me to collect my car?"
In the course of the day we went to Asda, at one point I heard one customer say to their spouse..."it's a blind dog!". sorry for this, but my mind went off at one of it's silly tangents, and I thought, "well, it's a good job there's someone with it!"


ambermoggie said...

:)), I love the ones I often got when in my wheelchair, people would ask DH has she hurt herself? Obviously the chair struck me dumb

Blue said...

I shall have to introduce you to Bill Engvall. American comedian with an appropriate sketch/song about stupid people.